21 Ways to Stay Fabulous in 2021: Part 3

Still feeling the blahs from the pandemic? It’s not over yet and while the vaccine rollout is taking place, you might be stressing out over getting one for yourself. In Canada, the plan is to continue the rollout and have everyone vaccinated by September, so what do you do until then? Here are a few more tips on how to stay FABULOUS IN 2021:

5. Reconnect with old friends. If you really aren’t doing much or can’t go around places because of travel restrictions or restrictions on the number of people allowed in any one place at any given time, you can dig out your old phone book or look up old friends’ email addresses or social media accounts and reconnect. It will be FABULOUS reminiscing or catching up on each others’ lives, and since you have the time on your hands, why not?

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

6. Make new friends. You can do this from the comfort of your couch using your trusty smartphone or, if you don’t use one, on social media on your computer. If you’re afraid of scammers or hackers, strike up a conversation with a friend of a friend. Who knows? You might have similar interests and your conversations could lead to a FABULOUS friendship.

7. Say something nice to someone online. Show you appreciate them, even if it is just to say how much you like their post. While it’s nice to see many people give your post a thumbs up or a heart, it feels FABULOUS to hear (or read) people actually saying how much they like your idea or what it is they like about your idea. In the same way, other people will feel FABULOUS if you do the same for their posts.

8. Greet people on their special days. Nobody can remember everybody’s birthday or anniversary, so thanks to Facebook, we can get a reminder of all our friends’ birthdays and we can see their posts whenever they share their anniversaries and other special occasions in their lives. Imagine just how FABULOUS you can make them feel by adding heartfelt, or just simple, greetings to show you care about making them happy on their special days. The best part about it is that it adds to how FABULOUS you also feel.

Keep following to read more ways to stay FABULOUS in 2021. Until then, BE FABULOUS!

*Featured image: Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

If you would like to share what you do to feel FABULOUS, please drop us a comment or email info@darlingyoulookfabulous.ca

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