Fabulous Tip #5: 10 Ways to Stay Fab in Isolation!

Staying self-isolated doesn’t promote feeling fabulous because if you are like the majority of Canadians, you’re home or indoors all day and don’t meet anyone. Sure, you might chat with friends online or text them, but you don’t really need to dress up for that, do you?

Sleeping in and having nothing much to look forward to except the latest Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post (Tick Tock, for younger generations), or the latest news from your local government or the federal government or CNN promotes a bit of frumpiness and carelessness when it comes to personal hygiene and dress.

You might be wandering about your home in pyjamas or lying in your couch all day watching TV or sitting at your computer watching YouTube or whatever you stumble upon. You’re loading up on junk food and have your coffee machine running all day.

You don’t need to lose that fabulous feeling in isolation! Here are a few tips on how to stay feeling and looking fabulous in isolation:

  1. Get up at (more or less) the same time everyday, even if you aren’t going to work. It’s okay to get up a little later than you usually do for work (assuming you’re a day worker), but don’t keep on sleeping in until lunch time. You’ll start feeling sleep-logged and sluggish.
  2. Throw in an exercise routine to boost your circulation, lift your mood, and stay fit. If you don’t have exercise machines, put in some stretches, stair climbing, planks, Pilates, yoga, or whatever suits you. If you don’t really exercise, put on a bit of upbeat or dance music and just shake your booty, sway, boogie, twist, bump, or otherwise keep moving to that music for at least half an hour everyday. If you keep it up, you’ll not only feel fabulous, but you’ll look fabulous as well.
  3. Practice good hygiene. Shower, wash, brush, and groom yourself. Even if nobody sees you, this helps keep your body feeling good. If your body feels good, you’re bound to feel fabulous!
  4. Dig out your perfume or cologne bottles and dab on a bit! Since you’re in self isolation, you won’t be affecting anyone in a scent-free zone!
  5. Call or chat with 2 or 3 different people everyday–not just hi, hello, how are you, but really chat about something meaningful. Find out how they are, encourage them, share good and fun stories. Staying cheerful helps you feel fabulous too!
  6. Have a little pick me up by changing a little thing in your daily routine. Watch a new show, read a new book, polish your nails, curl or straighten your hair, check out a new website, learn something new.
  7. Find something nice to say to someone or about someone who deserves it. It feels fabulous to make someone else feel fabulous.
  8. Make at least one video phone call a day. Dress for it–meaning, don’t make the call in your pyjamas or bathrobe. Dress up as if you were meeting someone outside your home.
  9. Start spring cleaning early but don’t do it all at once so it overwhelms you. Pick a little corner or spot, like a closet, in your home to clean and (re)organize.
  10. Look for one bright thing to share everyday. It could be anything from sunshine to good news. You could just make someone else’s day and that should make you feel fabulous!

Share this and help someone else feel fabulous in isolation!

If you have other tips to share to help people feel fabulous while in isolation, share it in the comments! Remember, Darling, You Look Fabulous!

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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