Fall Hair Tips

Fall is in the air! In the summer we tend to neglect our hair and don’t manage it as well or as consistently as we should. It’s hot out so we pull our hair up in a ponytail, bleach it, pin it up, or just let it go from frustration.

In the fall, as we approach the winter months, we need to start showering our hair with some love. Here are some tips that will help you keep your hair fabulous throughout fall and into the winter months.

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

Avoid elastics. Elastic bands and scrunchies can break the cuticles and cause lots of frizz.

Condition and moisturize. Be sure you deep condition and moisturize your hair frequently. Not only does this prevent frizziness, but it also keeps your hair shiny and lustrous. Use professional quality products and creams to keep your lustrous locks hydrated and well-nourished.

Knot alert. Don’t tug on knots in your hair. Gather the ends of your hair in your hand and brush starting close to the tip downwards so the end is clear of knots, then brush from a point a few inches higher than where you first started and brush downwards. Move upwards a little at a time so the tips are clear of knots. By the time you get to the top of your head, there will be no knots! You can also get a good detangler to get rid of knots before you brush your hair.

Love your scalp. As the weather gets colder, the scalp dries out and usually damages the hair more than it benefits the hair. Invest in quality hair products with little to no alcohol so your hair doesn’t dry out or lose the beautiful shine and smooth silky feeling of healthy hair.

Oil and condition. Especially if you are prone to dry scalp and brittle, dry hair, oiling and conditioning your hair is a must. Use hair oils and conditioning products that help prevent breakage. These also help promote healthier, shinier, silkier hair. One way to nourish your hair is to use virgin olive oil–you got that right! virgin olive oil, straight from your kitchen–in small amounts at separate points on the scalp. Emulsify throughout your scalp and hair using your hands or a paddle brush.

Sleep on satin. Do you wake up and notice a lot of hair on your pillowcase? That’s because your head rubs against the pillowcase and your hair catches on the cloth and gets pulled out while you sleep. Sleeping on a satin pillow can prevents a lot of unnecessary stress to the hair because your hair doesn’t snag onto the cloth.

Tool watch. Avoid using tools that will break or damage your hair. Invest in gentle, soft-bristled brushes such as paddle brushes. These have bristles spread wider apart so they don’t snag on your hair as easily as other brushes.

Trim regularly. When left alone, the tips of your hair tend to grow ragged and you sometimes might get split ends. They also stick out and make your perfect coiffure look messy. Be sure to trim your hair every 7 to 12 weeks just to keep your hair ends in great shape.

Go for a makeover. If you don’t like your style, change it up. A great makeover can do you wonders! If your hair is heavily damaged from too much colouring or bleaching, take it in to a hairdresser for a fabulous makeover! You can get a brand new look that gives you a bit of a boost in confidence and makes you feel fabulous. It might be just what you need!

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