Darling, We Care: FAQ and Application

Please welcome Darling, We Care! On the last weekend of November each year, starting this year–2020–Darling, You Look Fabulous will offer discounted haircuts, and donate the proceeds to a deserving charity, group, individual, or family on Prince Edward Island, because Darling, We Care!

The producers of Darling, You Look Fabulous will select the beneficiary from applicants and surprise them with the proceeds from a marathon weekend of haircuts. Charitable organizations, groups, individuals, or families who are in great need are welcome to apply. Anyone may also apply on behalf of a charitable organization, group, individual, or family that is believed to be deserving or in great need at the moment. Please read the FAQs below for details.


Who may apply?

Charitable organizations are welcome to apply to be the beneficiary of Darling, We Care.

Individuals and other non-profit groups may also apply to be the beneficiary of Darling, We Care.

Can someone apply on behalf of another person or group?

Yes. If you know an individual, a family, or a group that is in great need or deserving of help, you may apply on their behalf.

What do we need from you?

Please send us a letter of application (or complete the registration form below) describing

  1. a brief history of your organization,
  2. contact information,
  3. proof of non-profit status and registration number,
  4. a description of why you should be the beneficiary of Darling, We Care for 2020,
  5. and what you intend to do with the funds you receive.

What happens next?

Darling, You Look Fabulous will decide whom to donate the proceeds to each year. The donation will be our Christmas present to the selected charity and will be a surprise!

You must agree to publicity in any and all media and distribution formats selected by the producers of Darling, You Look Fabulous, in relation to your receipt of the donation and, if possible, how you used the funds received, if you are the chosen beneficiary for the year.

Darling, We Care!

Application Form

Please complete all fields. As part of the mechanics of the event, we will not announce the selected recipient, so that the donation will be a surprise. (If you prefer filling up a printed form and submitting it by regular mail or by hand, please download and print it from the link at the bottom of this page.)

By completing and sending this form, you agree that all information provided is correct and accurate, and that you will abide by the decision of the producers of Darling, You Look Fabulous. Should you be the selected beneficiary, you agree to the use of your name and image in any and all formats, print and digital, on any platform and media used by Darling, You Look Fabulous.

NOTE: If you would rather mail in your form or submit it in person, please download the PDF form below. Remember to fill in all the information in print. If you need more space for your answers, you may attach additional sheets or use the back of the form. Thank you.

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