Fabulous Tip #2: Short Hair Styling

Short hair styling tips

1. To help minimize a square jaw and make hair look soft, blow-dry bangs to the side using a small round brush.
2. Waxes and pomades are useful in creating texture, separating strands, and roughness but be careful to not overuse pomade as it will make the hair very greasy.
3. Change your parting to create different looks. Longer hair can part on either side or even be worn back. Use texture paste to create height or texture. A lightweight volumizer can be used to create height in longer hair while blow-drying by gently lifting the hair while blow-drying the roots.
4. You can create a comb effect in your bangs by flat-ironing the bangs then tossing them to create an airy look with separated strands, then apply lightweight pomade to keep the strands separated.

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