21 Ways to Stay Fabulous in 2021: Part 2

Welcome back!

Are you taking good care of yourself? That’s Fabulous! Do you mask up whenever you are in a public place and there are other people around? Doubly Fabulous! Way to start the New Year! If you’re ready to feel even more Fabulous, here are more ways.

3. Keep your distance! That’s 6 feet apart, or approximately 2 meters. No, you don’t need to carry around a measuring tape or wear a hoop skirt or noodle hat to figure out how far to stay away from others inside or outside. Just imagine two arm lengths. Your arms are approximately 1 meter long from finger tip to shoulder, so if you stretch your arm out and the other person stretches his or her arm out and your fingertips meet, that’s about 2 meters. But your fingertips don’t need to touch, of course. If you can’t keep that distance indoors, make sure you have your mask on, and if you want extra protection, have a face shield on too.

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

4. Practice fist bumping or elbow bumping instead of handshakes. Now that we know how easily we can pick up viruses and other germs with our hands, we want to make sure we don’t pick up anything from other people’s hands, nor do we want to pass anything on from our hands. Hence, the fist bump. While this is a better way to greet people than shaking hands, it’s best reserved for people in your inter-family bubble or your cohort. Still, you could be transferring contamination via the backs of your hands. Hence, the elbow bump. Both Trudeau and Obama have been seen doing it. The elbow bump is even safer than the fist bump because, face it, unless you’re a contortionist, it’s impossible to touch your face with your elbow. Did you just try to do it now? Am I right? Just make sure you don’t get too close doing your elbow bump, and move away as soon as you’re done.

By Pete Souza – White House (P123112PS-0813), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=23555725

Stay posted for more ways to stay Fabulous in 2021!

If you have additional ways to stay Fabulous, share them with us, and if they’re not on our list, we could add them!

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