21 Ways to Stay Fabulous in 2021: Part 5

Welcome back! Here’s another instalment to our 21 ways to stay fabulous in 2021. If you’re just starting to read this series, you can continue from here, but you might also want to go back over previous entries so you can get all 21 tips. We hope you’re picking up some helpful tips along the way.

12. Catch up on reading. If you’re bored out of your head and can’t think of anything else to do while staying home, why not grab a book and read? Your local public library most likely has an online catalogue and digital editions that you can borrow and read online. However, even if your local library doesn’t have online options, you can find a library somewhere else in the world that allows you to browse through their collections and read actual texts, albeit in digital format. For instance, I have found several amazing treasures in the U.S. Library of Congress, as well as in our local public library. You can also go to the Project Gutenberg site, which offers classics in the public domain. Doing a simple search for “free books online” will also give you links to the Open Library, ReadAnyBook, and similar sites which offer books for readers of all ages.

Photo by Stanley Kustamin on Unsplash

13. Catch up on music. Besides catching up on reading, you can find great music online. Besides YouTube, which will give you music from practically any singer or group, you can also sign up or sign in to one of the hundreds of online radios and live streaming sites. It’s also a good way to discover new music or rediscover music you haven’t heard in a while.

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

14. Visit a virtual museum. Several prominent museums around the world have created virtual tours that you can join for free or for a price. If you’ve never been inside some of these great museums, now is your chance. You can start with the Louvre in Paris, hop down to the Vatican Museums in Rome, sashay down to the Uffizi Museum in Florence, dawdle along the corridors of the Prado Museum in Madrid, and hustle through the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. After that, you can spend hours in the MoMa, entertain the children at the Natural History Museum in London, introduce them to space in the NASA Museum in Virginia, or just browse through the Smithsonian Institution’s online exhibitions. There’s no shortage of art or archaeological collections you can find in the virtual museum tours where everyone can learn more about history and appreciate art.

Photo by Tuguldur Baatar on Unsplash

15. Learn something new. Besides the highly popular Masterclass website where you can learn lessons from the masters in fields as diverse as science, music, writing, fine arts, and culinary arts, you can sign up for free courses in prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, and Stanford. A great place to start looking for free online courses is at OpenCulture.com, which boasts of 1500 free university courses online. Open University offers over 1000 open courses from universities in the UK, representing 5% of their formal course materials. You can take courses to enhance knowledge or to find out what the programs and course work might be like in specific universities, leading towards diplomas or certificates.

Photo by Avery Evans on Unsplash

Don’t waste all the time you have on your hands. You can become stay FABULOUS by keeping your mind FABULOUS. Keeping your mind active will keep definitely keep you FABULOUS and these are only a few ways to do that. What are you waiting for? Go explore what is waiting at your fingertips and become even more FABULOUS!

If you have tips or suggestions for things we can add to our tips for staying FABULOUS in 2021, send them to us at info@darlingyoulookfabulous.ca or post a comment in our blog. Until next time, stay FABULOUS!

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