More Ancestry!

How many of us are fortunate enough to know our grandparents or our great grandparents? And even if we haven’t met them, having photos of ancestors two or more generations back somehow gives us a connection to the past, albeit tenuous. A connection, nonetheless, which gives us a feeling of being more grounded, of having come from somewhere, especially in a new country where not very many people can boast of ties to older family members beyond 150-odd years. Moreover, having actual photographs of ancestors is a phenomenon that is not even 200 years old and, certainly, not available to everyone the world over.

Miguel is fortunate to have a few ancestral photographs that help him trace his ancestry back to continental Europe! Here are a few more photographs of some of Miguel’s ancestors.

Great great grandmother Encarnacion Perez at 87 (ca. 1922), mother of great grandfather Benjamin Chacon Perez

Great grandmother Zoila Ruiz Baeza, later married to Benjamin Chacon Perez

Wedding photo of grandparents Dr. Hector Ducos du Barry FischerKlein and Flor Maria Chacon Hardy de Von Fischer

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