More of the past!

Meet the first woman in Miguel’s life, his lovely mother Grace McCristall!

Miguel inherited a great deal from his mom, Grace, from her good looks to her curly hair to her love of gardening, flowers, and lavish decorating. She loves to dress up and never owned a pair of running shoes or jeans. As much as possible, she would only be seen in a dress. As a young girl and a young mother, she was vivacious and friendly. She quickly and easily found friends after her move to Canada and has lived in the same city since then. Miguel learned to speak Spanish, dance, and entertain from Grace, who brought Miguel with her to socialize with her friends when he was a young boy. Throughout his Miguel’s life, Grace was his staunchest supporter, his cheerleader, his best friend, and his most loyal fan. It was only when Miguel left Oshawa to move to Kingston, ON, and most recently to PEI, that Grace was not a part of his daily life. Nonetheless, Miguel and Grace keep in touch through phone calls, particularly when Miguel is not too busy.

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1 thought on “More of the past!

  1. Hi Miguel and Cindy. It is fun reading the blog. Miguel; your mom is a lovely and gracious lady. I just loved the styles of that era, but my, it was a lot of work.

    Enjoy your time at home with mom. She is obviously very special.


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