Behind the Pilot

Here’s the whole team that made the Fabulous Pilot possible! Still smiling after a long day’s shoot.

Our make-up team. (L-R) Danielle Laybolt, Jessica Singleton, Theresa Rankin, Breanne Murphy.

Our hair team. (L-R) Jenny Luczka, Miguel, Jordan Hennebury, Taylor Bowlan.

Our fabulous hair and aesthetics partner!

Fabulous assistants from the Private Institute of Hair Design and Aesthetics. (L-R) Taylor Bowlan, Jordan Hennebury, Danielle Laybolt, Theresa Rankin, Breanne Murphy.

Fabulous partners! (L-R) Sydney Clay of S.H. Photography, Debbie MacDonald for Monat, Jessica Singleton of Makeup by Jessica Singleton.

Our Fabulous product partner from MONAT! Debbie MacDonald (L) with Cindy (R)

Our Fabulous gifts partner! Gifts from the Heart Executive Director Betty Begg with Cindy

Our fabulous wardrobe partner!

Fabulous Makeup by Jessica Singleton!

Fabulous colorist Jenny!

Fabulous videographer David Rashed!

Fabulous host Cindy!

Fabulous hairstylist and co-host Miguel!

Fabulous Trio! Executive Producers of Darling, You Look Fabulous!

2 thoughts on “Behind the Pilot

  1. It looks like you had a great day. I’m so glad it turned out well!


  2. Miguel is an amazing hair dresser and he actually cut my hair today. After not getting a cut for along time he gave my the best hair cut ever! I’m actually looking forward to being a regular at his salon. He definitely cares for his clients and his craft!


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