We Were In The Buzz

Yesterday, I picked up a copy of the March 2020 issue of The Buzz, hoping that they had published our press release. I was happy to see this mention and figured that they must have not had enough space for the full release and cut it. Because I was not at my computer, I only had time to snap a photo and upload it without reading the article. I was completely taken aback later last night when I saw all the feedback generated by this article, none of which I will include here. The general tone of the comments and email were of outrage, including some comments accusing me of sending incomplete information and being irresponsible or negligent. Those comments made me sad because they were clearly made with very little information or knowledge of what really happens with free publicity through unpaid press/media releases. Of course, in showbiz, any publicity is good publicity, but because the show is what it is, we want to spread goodwill and fabulous feelings.

As a matter of fact, the full press release, which I sent to all the print publishers and media is the same release you will find in our Media/Press Resources page, with the title Fabulous Island Productions to Pilot Darling, You Look Fabulous!

Anyone who has worked in publishing or journalism will know that the publishers of a newspaper have the right to publish whatever they want. Anyone can contribute or send in media and press releases, but how it appears in the final print is up to the publishers.

On the other hand, publishers have the responsibility to publish correct information, so this announcement was erroneous in that the name of Miguel was cut.

To stay on top of everything, I posted an announcement and included it as a comment on every post where you, our supporters, had posted your comments. This is what I posted:

We’re in The Buzz! Not very happy though that they left out Miguel Mccristall‘s name, because he is also one of the producers. To be clear, this production is equally shared by the three of us: David Rashed, Cindy Lapeña, and Miguel Mccristall. A detailed media release was sent to The Buzz, as you will read on our website at this link: https://bit.ly/2PT1xZB. The producers of Darling, You Look Fabulous! had no control over how the release was modified or cut by The Buzz – PEI’s Guide to What’s Going On. If you wish to complain about it, please address your complaints to The Buzz.

Darling, You Look Fabulous on Facebook

As well, I sent an email to The Buzz very very late last night, as I could not sleep on this Facebook fiasco. This morning, I received an email from The Buzz, apologizing for the oversight and promising a correction in the April 2020 issue. An invitation to pay for publication space was also extended, but because we are working on volunteer power at the moment, that is not an option.

So, dear supporters, readers, followers, fans, and friends, the only way we can have something published exactly the way we want it, is to pay for the space. If any of you are feeling generous enough to support our cause, which is to give as many free makeovers as we can and share the stories of people whose lives we have touched or changed, no matter how little, on television, the Internet, and whatever other form we are able to, we will be most grateful for anything you give!

Meanwhile, do look forward to the April 2020 issue of The Buzz and have a fabulous day!

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