Blooming Business

Among the many ways Miguel, through Salon Miguel, supported his hometown was to participate in Canada’s Communities in Bloom project in 2008. Miguel has a green thumb inherited from his mum, and he himself has landscaped and tended his own gardens. Here’s the Certificate of Appreciation Oshawa gave him.

Besides contributing to create beautiful community gardens, Miguel applied his creativity and artistry to his yards and lawns. Here are some shots of the gardens he has landscaped.

We love your comments! To add comments, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your comment in the box. We are also looking for quotes we can include in this blog and the upcoming book and will be happy if you would share your experience of Miguel with us. Have you been to any of Miguel’s homes or salons and seen his elegant lawns and gardens? You can share your story in the comment box found at the end of every blog post, on Miguel’s Facebook wall, or with the author at

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