Salon Miguel in Four Acts: Act I – Stevenson Rd.

Miguel’s first salon was located on Stevenson Road, Oshawa, ON. With the help of his mum, Grace, he took a lease out on a location he happened by just after he had earned his hairdressing diploma. All he could afford at the start was a single chair, but in characteristic Miguel determination, he built a clientele that kept on growing until he had a full-service salon with 15 chairs. This unprecedented growth earned him the Best New Entrepreneur Award from the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, which, in turn, led him to greater aspirations and accomplishments.

As fate would have it, the location was the very same location where Miguel’s mum took him to get haircuts as a little boy. It had originally been known as Academic Hairstyling, owned and operated by Maria Deleo. Miguel left the location to establish the Grand Salon Miguel, which catered to a very exclusive clientele. Today, the location is occupied by another beauty salon.

Here are some shots of the interior of the very first Salon Miguel.

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