Career highlights: Salon Magazine Feature by Kim Hughes

In 2005, the year following his Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Miguel was in the limelight again, this time in Salon Magazine, featured in an article by Kim Hughes. The article describes Miguel’s Grand Salon Miguel, designed to cater to Oshawa residents who wanted the experience of upscale Toronto salons.


We’ll be showing off photos of Miguel’s salons in the blog, so keep following!

If you have photographs of Miguel, his Salon, or with Miguel that you would like shared in the blog, please submit them to with suitable captions and all people in the photographs identified in sequential order (left to right or right to left, first row, second row, etc.). Photographers must also be identified so we can give appropriate credit.

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2 thoughts on “Career highlights: Salon Magazine Feature by Kim Hughes

  1. Hi ,
    I had a appointment with Miguel for the first time . I had moved back home to PEI after being gone for multiple years. Having a hair stylist for twenty plus years then finding a new is all about fear then trust and having a medical condition which I hide with my hair warrants the fear . I had never felt more comfortable and confident within moments of meeting Miguel. He talked me through the whole process of the cut then style . I was made to feel like I was a high profile client . I had been struggling with some issues that made me feel like I should never have come back to this Island. As Miguel put the final touches on my masterpiece I texted my husband and told him I was back . The simple appointment with a new hairstylist gave me exactly what I needed. The next day sporting my new hairdo I took on the world . Even when I went to my bank the tellers asked where the new look came from .and of course I raved about my new experience . Miguel is more than just a hairstylist. He is by far the richest person I have ever met with his magic he made this customer feel like gold . Thank you Miguel .My words cannot express what you gave back to me.


    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Tracey! What a beautiful experience. Everyone needs confidence and for someone to be able to get that needed boost just by visiting your stylist sounds great. If we all had a great stylist like Miguel, we probably wouldn’t need therapists!


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