Career highlights: 2004 Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year Award

In 2004, Salon Miguel was nominated for the Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year in the Global Salon Business Awards (London, UK) by Joan Harrison, editor of Canadian Hairdresser Magazine based in Toronto.

2 thoughts on “Career highlights: 2004 Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year Award

  1. Miguel is the only hairdresser I actually considered my hairdresser. Ive honestly never felt any hairdresser could have filled that spot.

    He is always full of energy and always wants to know what is new in your life. He is always excited to see you like a true friend. It makes it a very personal experience which is what it should be.

    He is such a caring person that when I was struggling financially he offered to cut my hair and not worry about it too much. He says its not about the money.

    I’ll never go anywhere else. He’ll be my hairdresser until he dies.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your sentiments with us, Brady. PEI is lucky to have Miguel! Having your hairdresser care for you and treat you so warmly is certainly a wonderful experience. It is what earns people’s loyalty and I am sure there are many who will be loyal to Miguel come what may! We certainly all wish he will be with us for a very long time.


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