Meet our expanded book title

Last night, as I was writing the latest post, I was thinking about the book title again. I had been thinking about it all week with the feeling that it really needed something else to make it say more about Miguel’s story. I was playing with serious and punny subtitles such as “a hair-raising life,” “he dreams of hair,” and “up in the hair.” As chance would have it, Miguel was also thinking about it and he messaged me suggesting “a hairdresser’s dream” or “every hairdresser’s dream.” Then I threw in “hair today, hair tomorrow” and changed it to “hair today, hair forever,” which didn’t ring true or right, of course. Then waxing historical, I spouted, “I came, I saw hair, I conquered,” which was completely cheesy. Then Miguel came back with phrases used in published articles, “fulfilling dreams,” “darling you look fabulous,” and “the mane attraction.” I was still in a somewhat cheesy mode and came up with “good hair days,” “cutting fabulous,” and “the hair-cutting edge.” Then Miguel said he liked “darling you look fabulous,” so I let it stew a couple of hours, because it just wasn’t right as a subtitle. Finally, I hit on using it as the main title rather than the subtitle and came up with Darling, You Look Fabulous: The Big Dreams and Small Miracles in the Life of a Hairdresser, which I really liked but felt a little long, so I shortened it (a little) to Darling, You Look Fabulous: Big Dreams and Small Miracles in a Hairdresser’s Life, which Miguel loved. So here it is, folks, our title for now!

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