Darling, We Care!



Charlottetown—7 October 2020. 

The producers of Darling, You Look Fabulous have launched a fundraiser, Darling, We Care! The event will take place on November 27-28, 2020 at Salon Miguel, where our master hairstylist, Miguel McCristall, will give cuts for $20 each. Fifty percent of every cut will go to a deserving charity in PEI. The proceeds from the Christmas fundraiser will be awarded to a surprise recipient in December 2020.

If you know anyone who is in need of and deserving help this Christmas, please share the name and contact information of the individual, family, or organization with Darling, You Look Fabulous on Facebook, Twitter (@darlinglookfabz), or send your suggestion to info@darlingyoulookfabulous.ca

To participate and get a cut for only $20 ($15 for men), book your haircut now by calling 902-367-5330. 

The producers are also looking for volunteers to help throughout the event. Please call 902-367-5330 to book a time that you would like to volunteer. 

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