Experiencing the Artistry of Miguel

Some time in 2015, Dan MacDonald walked into the Razors Inn barber shop in Charlottetown. He had been used to having the same plain haircut year after year, but that day, a new stylist named Miguel was in. Dan, having never had his hair done by a stylist, thought he would try something different for a change and said, “Miguel, you go ahead and do what you think is best for me.” Miguel did his magic and Dan was hooked.

Dan also learned that Miguel didn’t do just men’s haircuts and mentioned that to his wife, Cynthia, who was intrigued about going into a barber shop to get a haircut.

“When I went to him first, I thought, well this was a little different, and I thought I would get some different ideas,” said Cynthia. She explained what she wanted to Miguel, who “was open to whatever you wanted.” She was so happy with the results that she referred a few friends who “just love him” and are likewise hooked on Miguel’s cuts. Miguel did “whatever they wanted and put his extra little flair to it, an extra creative touch.”

Cynthia goes on to say how she finds Miguel to be “a very artistic man” with an open and honest personality that clients quickly warm up to. She also found it quite impressive that Miguel was able to identify and compare all her former haircuts in her Facebook photos then use those as points of reference to recreate a pixie cut she previously had.

Together with his wife and master colorist, Jenny, who applied expert coloring skills to help Cynthia gradually grow into her graying head of hair, Miguel eased Cynthia into embracing her gray, which she now absolutely loves.

Dan and Cynthia MacDonald are among Miguel’s happy clients and they have followed him from Razors Inn in 2015 to the newly-resurrected Salon Miguel, where they will continue to patronize him because they know that every time they sit in his chair, they can relax and let Miguel do his magic so they always come out looking fabulous.

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