Rock the Winter Weather! (Fabulous Tip #4)

Fabulous Tip #4: Rock the Winter Weather!

Last winter, I wore white and, as I was walking in a crowd, I overheard a couple of people commenting, “It’s after Labour Day, why is she wearing white?”

Wake up, darlings! So what if it’s after Labour Day? In the last decade, lifestyle magazines have been touting white fashion after Labour Day. It’s perfectly all right because our lifestyles are completely different now from when people decided it wasn’t kosher to wear white after Labour Day.

There were actually several practical reasons that people did not wear white after Labour Day. Over a century ago, people had to walk or travel in wagons or horse-driven buggies that splattered mud from wet snow on unpaved roads on clothing–that would be disastrous on white. Houses and public buildings were heated by kitchen stoves or fireplaces that sputtered and loosed embers that could land on clothing–that would be disastrous on white. The climate was also much colder, so people had to retain as much heat as they could with their clothing, which meant dark clothes were more sensible as dark colors absorb heat, while white reflects it. I imagine people had to walk through snow quite a bit as well, way back when, so if they were in trouble or got lost, they would be easier to find if they were not wearing white.

Consider, as well, that not every nation in the wintery world celebrates Labour Day, nor does every nation in the world have winter, so white can be quite fashionable in the rest of the world. White was a fashionable summer color and some fashionable people decided it shouldn’t be used in winter. Besides, if they wore white in winter, they’d just blend in with the snowy background and that didn’t help them stand out. Historically, fashion has been dictated by an elite segment of society, but people nowadays are more aware and conscious of how much they can influence trends, fashion included. If people found it impractical to wear white after summer had officially ended, which, in the western world is the day before Labour Day, then fashion gurus capitalized on that and draped their models with fall and winter colors.

Times are a-changing and you decide what you will wear, so check out our latest Fabulous Tip #4 here on how to rock the winter weather with white because, Darling, you look fabulous!

Share your winter clothing fashion tips with us. We want to hear your stories, too. Drop us a comment or email to share your stories and tips. We might just post them too!

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