New Page: Fabulous Tops and Tips!

Hello again, hello. Apologies for not having a few posts in the past couple of weeks, which were somewhat hectic, but here we are with a brand new page!

Welcome to our new page, “Fabulous Tops and Tips,” which features Miguel’s work in–you guessed it–fabulous cuts! We’ll be adding more images to the photo wall, which features you, Miguel’s happy, fabulous clients sporting his fabulous cuts. Do you have a photo of yourself sporting a Miguel bob? a glamorous cascade? a clean look? a trendy top? Share it with us so we can share it with the world!

More about this page. Besides featuring Miguel’s cuts on you, with some before and after shots, we’ll share oodles of tips for looking fabulous. All you need to do is check it out every now and then. We’ll even make it easy for you and publish a blog post so you’ll know whenever there’s something new on the blog or on the Fabulous Tops and Tips page.

For now, enjoy the cuts and amazing transformations. Head right on to Fabulous Tops and Tips and find yourself or find someone you know who has a fabulous Miguel cut! Fabulous Tips coming soon! Just click on any of the red links that say “Fabulous Tops and Tips” to get there!

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