Guess who came to the party?

Now that you know how big a fan Miguel is of Elvis Presley, you won’t be surprised to know that Elvis Presley made an appearance at Miguel’s biggest bash celebrating his success with Salon Miguel. As far as Miguel was concerned, no huge party would be complete without a live performance by no less than his favorite singer, Elvis Presley. Fortunately, the great John Cigan, multi-awarded Elvis impersonator agreed to regale Miguel’s guests at his party, making a grand entrance through the monogrammed electric gates to the Grand Salon. John Cigan as Elvis did not fail to entertain and while there is no video recording of the actual event, the video we’re sharing is certainly nothing short of what Miguel’s guests were up to at his legendary party of the year (or decade!) in the 2000s.

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2 thoughts on “Guess who came to the party?

  1. Awesome! I loved working at Salon Miguel behind those incredible gates. I may be the only employee who worked in not one but 2 of Miguel’s salons! 🙂


    1. Wow! Thanks for supporting our blog! You should share some anecdotes with us. I’d love to hear some of them and possibly include a bit in the book.


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