Salon Miguel in Four Acts

Did you know that there were four different Salon Miguel salons? Three were in Oshawa, Ontario and one in Kingston, Ontario. The flagship Salon Miguel was on Stevenson Road, which Miguel established immediately after he completed his hair styling course at the Art & Technique Hair Academy and acquired his license to practice. After the numerous accolades and recognition he received for being Oshawa’s best new entrepreneur of 2000, Miguel began preparing to execute his grand vision of a posh salon, which he fondly calls his Grand Salon. In 2003, he launched the Grand Salon at 382 Simcoe N. After his first marriage ended in divorce, Miguel and his new partner Jenny Luczka, who is now his wife and mother of his two children, moved to Kingston and built a new Salon Miguel at 759 Gardiners Road from ground up in 2006. When the Kingston salon turned out to be less than a huge success after five years, Miguel and Jenny returned to Oshawa to establish a new Salon Miguel at 1271 Simcoe N. in 2011.

Here’s what you would have seen were you to enter each salon.

We’ll be treating you to lots of images of each of the Salons Miguel. Like his mother, Miguel loved beautiful things around him and from her learned decorating, fashion, and gardening. He decorated all his salons to the nines and landscaped the lawns himself.

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Thank you for following our blog. Miguel and I appreciate your support. A special shout out to Wesley Piper Stills of Q93FM Radio in Charlottetown, PE, who has been following and promoting our blog on shows. He interviewed Miguel Sunday morning (October 6), in case you were listening. Thank you, Wesley and Q93FM!

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