Throwback! Miguel the Whiz Kid!

One day when he was just 10 years old, Miguel was minding his own business playing with a Rubik’s cube at a bus stop. A man next to him was amazed at Miguel’s dexterity with the cube and asked if Miguel could solve it in a minute.

The Rubik’s cube was the hottest new toy and kids around the world were trying to solve it in the shortest time possible. Miguel had been so intrigued with it that he dedicated a great deal of time learning how to solve it as quickly as he could. He had nimble fingers and an inquisitive and critical mind and soon, Miguel was twirling that cube expertly and solving it in a minute or less.

Miguel shrugged his shoulders and said, “Sure!” and went ahead to show the man how quickly he could solve the cube. It turned out that the man was a reporter for the Oshawa daily newspaper and Miguel received his very first press coverage as the Rubik Cube Whiz Kid of Oshawa!

Miguel is featured in an Oshawa daily as the Rubik’s Cube Whiz Kid
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